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“Farmers and Merchants Trust Company was built on the foundation of honesty and integrity and these values run through every vein of our organization. As the oldest continually operating trust company in California, we will be with you both now and for generations to come.”

-Daniel K. Walker
President and Chairman of the Board


Daniel K. Walker Daniel K. Walker
Sean A. Miller Sean A. Miller
Kevin M. Tiber Kevin M. Tiber
Jeff Hahn Jeff Hahn
Jay Ferrara Jay Ferrara
Frank Tabar Frank Tabar
Cynthia Clark Cynthia Clark
Karin Finnegan Karin Finnegan
Ken Haskill Ken Haskill
Mary Anne Hung Mary Anne Hung
Lydia Rojas Lydia Rojas
Thylan Nguyen Thylan Nguyen
Marc Gattie Marc Gattie
Ryan Eichenauer Ryan Eichenauer
Matthew Kimmel Matthew Kimmel
Ken Shigekawa Ken Shigekawa
Del Rudeen Del Rudeen
Paul A McFedries Paul A. McFedries
Erica M. Gomez Erica M. Gomez
Mark Mittmann Mark Mittmann